Voting Process

When important changes to the project as a whole need to happen, it comes down to a vote. This policy describes how voting is done within Alpine. If a given action calls for a vote, it should link here.

Call for Vote

When an event that necessitates a vote occurs, one should call for a vote. A team member may call for a vote by requesting it of either any team’s admin (including theirs) or by requesting a special project-wide vote from the Base team.

If the person that wishes for a vote is an admin, they may implicitly receive and accept their own call.
The base team may refuse to hold a project-wide vote, in which case they will organize an admin vote.

Admin Vote

All team administrators vote. The medium of the vote is undefined (for example, it may be done in a meeting, through a mailing list, or through irc, so long as it is logged publicly). The voting process has a time limit of 2 weeks. If a 2/3 majority is reached within the time limit, the motion passes. If it is not, but no one objects, the motion fails. If someone objects, then the Base team takes over.

Objecting to a failed motion should ONLY be done in extreme situations. Pushing a motion unto base at this stage would mean that, were it to fail again, it cannot be re-voted upon without a massive rework. If you accept the failure at this stage, you may modify it slightly (as per the requests of the people against it) and bring it back up.

In the scenario where the topic of a vote is not a simple yes/no question, the vote shall be done in condorcet style, in which various options are ranked by preference.

Base Vote

If a significant objection is levered, the Base team members that are not admins also vote. These votes are added to the existing tally. If 2/3 majority has now been reached, the motion passes. If that is not the case, the Base team may choose to hold a project-wide vote (similarly to if it were requested directly).

Base may also decide the issue on the spot, if they deem it appropriate. This is expected to align with the project’s goals and guiding principles.
If there is consensus among the Base team that an issue should be voted on by the entire project, the first part of the above may be skipped.

Project-Wide Vote

If the base team accepts a request to hold a project-wide vote, or a regular vote escalates to the degree that it is necessary, this option comes into play. In this scenario, a vote is held by the same rules as an Admin Vote, except that instead of only the team admins voting, any member of any team is allowed to cast a vote. If that vote fails to meet a 2/3 majority (of the people that vote) within the time limit, the motion fails, end of discussion. The motion may not be brought back up without significant modifications afterwards.